Novice Preskates

Novice B/ Novice Evaluations will be held Oct 2 and Oct 3
Please see the Evaluation tab for times

Players will participate in their first team practice the week following Thanksgiving weekend



All Players have been assigned to a session, please attend that session.

Reminder: Players need to bring their own practice jersey and wear full equipment

Players have also been assigned an Evaluation Session, please refer to the Novice Evaluation tab for details.

Sat Sept 30 8:00-9:00am KCB
A Blum J Lee
A Wilson J Setters
A Howorko J Brooks
A Armstrong J Peters
A Gregory J Bryant
A Bundziak J Doyle
A Misson J Lansing
A Hedberg D Shand
A Arsenault K Soloway
B Purvis K Taylor
B Foster K Walker
B Browes K Hermary
B Laughy K Maris
N Daychief S Begley 
Sat Sept 30 9:00-10:00am KCB
B McMahon K Osachoff
B Jackson K Pound
B England K Mandrusiak
B Waterhouse L Redlick
B McCrindle L Nicoll
B McGowan L Zimmerman
B Froese L Normand
B Pittman L Alexander
B Parsons L Hanson
B Newfield L villeneuve
B Love L Johnson
B Macneil L Rea
B Wade L Bullee
B Toupin L Chapman
Sat Sept 30 10:15-11:15am KCB
C House L Stuart
C Baumbach L Kletke
C Skjonsberg L Taylor
C Cotter M Goudy
C Hassel M Magyar
C Johnston M Clegg
C Turner M Duncan
C Vennard M Wilkinson
C Loucks M Roe
C Manalansan M Morrow
C Jopp M Froese
C Ryan M Alexander
C Twidale M Lyons
C Jackson M Rice
Sat Sept 30 11:15-12:15am KCB
B Bixby  T MacNeil
C Stone  
C Nepoose M Magill
C Malo M Kromm
C Bowie M Hicks
  R Hicks
C Broks M Zemenchik
C Woods N Mace
D Kletke N Gylander
D MacKenzie-Morse N Alexander
D Miller N McRorie
D Ferrier N Boucher
D Stolaryk N Parsons
D Sewell N Papez
D Kuzek N Rudlowski
Sun Oct 1 9:15-10:15am KCB
D Ovcharov N Thygesen
D Johnson N Sprovieri
D Young N Paolinelli
D Fetaz N Kushner
D St Dennis O Howdle
D Papailias O Hawes
D Machan P Klass
D Chassie Q Balon
D Benoit R Magill
E Fuchs R Bettenson
E Bichel R Stang
E Saponja R Williams
E Strawberry M Clark 
E Kelahear R Cooper
Sun Oct 1 10:15-11:15am KCB
E Chacko R Bell
E Browne R Murray
E Donaghy R Sawchuk
E Perkins R Tarasoff
E Swift R Clark
F Patton R Parsons
F Maltais S Seifried
G Dyjur S Lamoureux
G Lea S Hills
G Grantham S Korbyl
G Roth S Weir
G Maddex B Wetaski
G Fizzard S Birch
G Dakers S Peters
Sun Oct 1 11:15-12:15 KCB
H Burghardt T Saunders
H Gibson T Flett
H Wyntjes T O'Brien
H Nelson T Buckland
H Frizzley T Robichaud
I Bell T Mofford
J Wigley T Betemps
J Gilbertson T Wolgemuth
J Sissons T Schindel
J Bellmore T Nadon
J Gabrielson T Deleeuw
J Paul W Ferrier
J Dyvig W Keylock
J Kohut Z Domotor
K Hunter C Klym  


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