Enmax Playoffs 2019



4 team Round Robin

Top 2 teams after Round Robin Play, will advance to the Championship Game.


  • All regulation time will be played using the same format as all regular season games were played
  • Any suspension will be handed down by the league director according the Hockey Canada Rule Book
  • Playoff games qualify for games to be served by suspended players, exhibition games do not
  • Tied games shall not be broken in round robin play
  • In the event that teams are tied for a playoff position, the following procedure will apply:

If two (2) teams are tied:

  1. The team with the most wins gets the higher seed.
  2. If the two (2) teams are still tied after 1, then the record head to head during regular season will decide.
  3. If the two (2) teams are still tied after 1, and 2 have been applied, then goals for and against in the regular season head to head games.

If three (3) teams are tied, placement will be determined as follows:

  1. Teams with the most wins will get the higher seed.
  2. If still tied; the head to head record between the 3 teams in regular season will decide.
  3. If still tied after 1 and 2 have been applied; then goals for and against in the regular season head to head games.
  4. If tie remains unbroken; the fewest penalty minutes in the games involving the 3rd tied team during regular season will decide.
  • Tie at the end of the Final games shall result in a 5 minutes Instant Victory overtime Period
    • If the game remains tied at the end of the 4 on 4 - 5 minute overtime period, the game will proceed to a shootout. 
      The teams will not change ends for the shootout. While the shootout is occurring, both teams shall return to their respective player's bench.
    • The ice will not be flooded prior to the shootout.
    • Three (3) players from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Coach selects. All players are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a Penalty at the end of the 5 Minute Overtime Period.
    • The home team will shoot first
    • The Referee shall place the puck on the center face-off spot and the player taking the shot will, on the instruction of the Referee (by blowing his whistle), play the puck from there and shall attempt to score on the goalkeeper.
    • After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to an "instant victory" format. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.
    • Once the shootout begins, the goalkeeper cannot be replaced unless he is injured. No warm up shall be permitted for a substitute goalkeeper. Only a player designated as a goalkeeper or alternate goalkeeper may defend against the shot.

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