Enmax Playoffs 2019

Enmax Peewee Playoff Format

Team Placement Based on League Standings

If two (2) teams are tied:

  1. The team with the most wins gets the higher seed.
  2. If the two (2) teams are still tied after 1, then the record head to head during regular season will decide.
  3. If the two (2) teams are still tied after 1, and 2 have been applied, then goals for and against in the regular season head to head games.

If three (3) teams are tied, placement will be determined as follows:

  1. Teams with the most wins will get the higher seed.
  2. If still tied; the head to head record between the 3 teams in regular season will decide.
  3. If still tied after 1 and 2 have been applied; then goals for and against in the regular season head to head games.
  4. If tie remains unbroken; the fewest penalty minutes in the games involving the 3 tied team during regular season will decide.

Peewee B Playoff Format - Each series will be determined using a 2 game total goal format. 

The team who ranks first in regular season standings will receive a bye through the first round.  The First round will go as indicated; 2nd vs. 7th, 4th vs. 5th and 3rd vs. 6th.  The lowest seeded team emerging from the first round will then play the 1st place team.  The other 2 winning teams will play each other.  The losing teams will be eliminated. The City League Champion series will follow round two.


  • All regulation time will be played using the same format as all regular season games were played
  • Any suspension will be handed down by the league director according the Hockey Canada Rule Book
  • Playoff games qualify for games to be served by suspended players, exhibition games do not
  • In the event that teams are tied for a playoff position, the following procedure will apply:
  • If the series is tied at the end of game 2, overtime will be played (tie will stand at the end of game 1).

5 Minute Instant Victory Format

  • 3 on 3 stop time for 5 minutes followed by 3 player shoot out (if tie remains unbroken), then instant victory shoot out if needed.
    • The home team will shoot first
  • No player may be repeated until all players have had an opportunity to shoot.
  • Any Player serving a penalty when overtime expires, will be ineligible to participate in the shoot out.


Game Schedule

                     Sat Mar 9     8:15 AM    10:15 AM  SERVUS       Fourth Pl          Fifth Pl

                     Sat Mar 9     2:45 PM      4:45 PM   DAWE         Third Pl            Sixth Pl

                     Sat Mar 9     2:45 PM      4:45 PM   KCB            Second Pl         Seventh Pl

                     Sun Mar 10   10:30 AM   12:30 PM  KCB            Fifth Pl            Fourth Pl

                     Sun Mar 10   10:45 AM   12:45 PM  DAWE        Seventh Pl       Second Pl

                     Sun Mar 10    4:15 PM     6:15 PM   KCA            Sixth Pl            Third Pl

                     Sat Mar 16     11:00 AM    1:00 PM  SERVUS      First Place       Semi-Finals (LSW)

                     Sat Mar 16    12:15 PM     2:15 PM  PENHOLD    Semi Finals                                                         

                     Sun Mar 17    1:30 PM     3:30 PM   KINEX         Semi Finals(LSW) First Place

                     Sun Mar17    1:45 PM      3:45 PM   KCA            Semi Finals              

                     Fri Mar 22      5:45 PM     7:45 PM   KCB            Championship           

                     Sun Mar 24     1:45 PM    3:45 PM   SERVUS      Championship           

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