Dynamite Evaluations

Dynamite City League Rosters
Team Coach and first team practice is as follows:

Ing& McKee - Andrew Russel Sat Oct 20 9:15am Kinex
IG Investors Group - Travis Kletke Sat Oct 20 8:00am Kinex
Cam Clark Ford - Shane Johnson Sat Oct 20 8:00am Kinex
Honda Red Deer - Barclay Folk Sat Oct 20 7:00am Kinex
Thrive Dynamite - Chris Kalahear Sat Oct 20 9:15am Kinex
Superior Propane - John Darling Sat Oct 20 7:00am Kinex

Cam Clark Ford Honda Red Deer IG Investors Group
Cornell O Block B Boivin E
Dawson B Butts L Cunningham A
Hartley S Calvert P Geddes-Baclman C
Janzen J Cochrane Coh Horn G
Johnson R Folk L Kletke A
Kim I Froese C McColl E
Korenchuk C Harrison A McCrindle K
Korten-Walsh A Jackson G McGowan B
Mamer E Kruger L Prodanuk E
McBride L Martin A Quinlan A
Milne H Miller E Redlick J
Misson S Norlin H Reindl P
Perkins C Norrie-Loewenthal S Rowden s
Pon T Pikkert R Solberg E
Rankin R Roach Soloway K
Schaffer J Svanes C Van Niedek J
Wilson C Svanes R Volk e
  Wigley H  
Ing & McKee Superior Propane Thrive Dynamite
Krutzfeldt D Allen C Allin L
Lindquist P Bacho G Barrow T
Lindsay D Birch D Beechey B
Lynch P Campbell C Cote Z
Mackinaw Casy-Simoneau M Devlin T
Reed W Cochrane Coo Elliott C
Rentas K Darling B Hoppus N
Russell L Entz O Howorko A
Saran e Fontaine L Huhn T
Snell C Gilbertson C Kelahear P
Stang M Hoffman M MacDonald G
Templar C Jansen L Mackenzie-Morse E
Thompson C Jubb R Metzger J
Van Grinsven E Palmer C Mouck M
Wall J Pochylko C Poteet C
Woitowicz P Ribeiro A Sherwich D
Smith M Robertson E Spielman J
  Stang e Walker B

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