Intro to Hockey

Dynamite Rosters


IG Wealth Mgmt/Honda Red Deer
Sat Oct 26 10:00-11:00 KCA
Sun Oct 27 8:15-9:15am KCB

Ing and McKee/Cam Clark Ford
Sat Oct 26 9:00-10:00am KCA
Sun Oct 27 9:15-10:15am KCB 

Cam Clark Ford
Jeremy Krause
Honda Red Deer
Jason Lundmark
Ing and McKee
Brodie Meyer
IG Wealth Mgmt
Jason Gibson
Boese Adams Ames Browne
Bundziak Bond Benoit Cornell
Bustamante Bouchard C Bouchard H Dore
Carlson Boucher Broks Fischer
Gardner Earls Hicks Friesz
Jacobs Gordon Kirkpatrick Gibson
Kinney Hayes Lynch Jones J
Krause Hunter Marcel Kolton
Langevin Huseby Mauro Olson
Last Johnson J McColl Organ
Manz Kosak McIenchuk Parsons
Miller Lehman Meyer Rausch
Skrodolis Lundmark Novak Reschny
Smith H McKay Richardson Rice
Snow Nichol Simoneau Ryan
Thomas Roy Sopkow Sabey
Turner Sherwick Turnbull Thorne
Wilson Symons Wyntjes I VAnGrinsven
Zeminchuk Vercaigne Wyntjes   


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